Thursday, 26 November 2009

No.200 200 OK

Badge by Mike Patrick

"Hey, don't get me wrong - I love failure as much as the next guy. OK, so a little more. But that isn't to say errors are all I wanna see, all the time. So fuck it: this badge is about success. Specifically, HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) request success.

"Possibly lesser known than its cousin, the infamous 404 Not Found, 200 OK is the standard response for successful HTTP requests. Sure, as HTTP statuses go, maybe 200 comes across a little goody two shoes, or maybe even smug? I hear you, 'but, 404 is cool', '404 is baaaad', 'Homestar Runner endorses 404'. And yeah, you're right, but 200 has its charms, too. It's upbeat and optimistic. Yet it just doesn't overstate it, never blows any single success out of proportion.

"Since I've been working with the protocol a fair bit recently, and Stu's own homepage is currently a tribute to the popular 404, 200 OK's the only response I felt comfortable offering to the brief to design Badge No. 200. So here you go ;)

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Mike Patrick

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