Tuesday, 24 November 2009

No.197 70% by 1%

Badge by Sam Hill.

"70% of land in the UK is owned by 1% of the population. Source: Anna Donaldson, Beacon PR, Jan. 2008"

"The function and purpose of all things is negotiable - as Stu has
illustrated, exhaustively - but badges often compel us to communicate in a
particular behaviour; concisely, assertively and visually: to others and to
oneself. The brief Stu provided implied many contextual layers and
audiences. In no specific order the communication to be designed was for a
badge, a map, a t-shirt, Stu, his following and perhaps less tangibly - an
imagined client, tutor or patron.

"Maps tempt me to draw from experience: "this is where I'm from", "this is
where I live", "this is where I went last summer" etc. Obviously, nobody
cares. Instead I set out to find the most interesting piece of information I
could on the British Isles, which turned out to be that the distribution of
land here is worse than Brazil (where it is a point of violent conflict)."

Sam Hill

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