Wednesday, 25 November 2009


Badge by Gerlin Heestermans

"I personally feel my badge design is far from genius compared to other badges Stu did or the two last designers did. I'm just not a designer. However, I did want to make one because I feel it is important to support Stu in what he does. I blogged about him months ago when the project had only just started. Never would I have thought it'd grow out to be something so great. So first I thought I'd do a 'Support Stu' badge but that sounded a little stupid. But supporting him is definitely the idea behind it, I believe more people should do it. Then I thought of 'Ferris Bueller's Day off', one of my favourite films. There's a scene with a big balloon saying 'Save Ferris' which is pretty funny if you know the film. Anyway, it sounded nice to say 'Save Stu' and also a little silly. I guess the point doesn't instantly come across but that's okay.

"You think this is ok? I'm not quite sure what to say in relation to the t-shirt but I feel that it's not necessary.”

Gerlin Heestermans

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