Monday, 18 May 2009


Last week the Milan09'ers from Goldsmiths09 visited The Aram Gallery to see the exhibition Significant Colour, curated by Chair Guevara aka Daniel Charny. It was an exhibition full of great colours and great questions about colour, plus 1/2 of El Ultimo Grito.

I used to tell myself that I subscribed to Shaughnessy's theory "master form before colour" (that might not be his theory but I definitely read something along those lines in one of his books) but I think its just an excuse to avoid having to deal with the complexity of colour.

Also, mastering form seems like a dose of hassle + subjectivity and somewhat impossible to quantify, so you can forget about that for now Adrian. S, less rules + protocol and more everything else.

So here are my colours for today, laden with the following layers of subjectivity:
choosing colours on my 2-year-old uncalibrated mac laptop screen in a bright studio, making my selection in an RGB document then converting it to CMYK, printing on a laser jet, taking a picture of the resulting print-out, tweaking the levels, curves and contrast and then uploading it to my blog. All in all resulting in me not getting the colours I chose, but to be honest I am not sure exactly what colours I chose in the first place, but I am Ok with that. Now.

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