Saturday, 10 October 2009

No.151 Lt General Sam Edwards

Dear Immunity Agent,

I am Lt General Sam Edwards, national adviser to the panel, i am delighted to inform
you that the contract panel here in london which just concluded it seating here in
our department have just released your name among their immunity agent who will
benefit from the diplomatic immunity payment. This panel was primarily delegated by
the united nation to investifate manipulated over-invoiced payment as the effect has
eaten deep into the economy of our country united kingdom.

I hereby inform you that the united nation and british government has choosing you
as thier immunity agent there in your country to stand and receive this total amount
of $10.1 million dollars by cash immunity delivery to your country which you are to
meet with the diplomats on their arrival there in your country international airport
to enable them take the clearance on face to face clearing with the customs at the
airport to enable them move it to your doorstep without any inspection by the
government agent as it has been directed by the united nation and british

In this regards, We are going to send your immunity cash payment to you via our
accredited shipping company on diplomatic means which all the immunity needed
documents to cover this immunity cash funds has been secured, the cash funds is
coming on two security proof boxes which the boxes are already been sealed with
synthetic nylon and padded with machine.

Please you must know that the united nation want you to pay 50% of this total amount
($10.1 million dollars) to any motherless babies home there in your country.

You don't need to worry for anything because this transaction is 100 risk free, the
boxes are coming with a diplomatic agent who will accompany the boxes to your house
or office there in your country.

It is urgent you forward to us your contact information as it is stated below:

1. Full Name and address
2. Direct cell/home telephone number
3. Identification, either your id-card, driver's license or international passport.

As soon as i receive the requested information and confirm your readiness to handle
this matter, i will process your immunity cash funds proof of ownership certificate
and your cash funds delivery approvals form "D" and forward them to you for your own
view and record, then i will advise you with the date and time the diplomats will
arrive your country.

Forward you next response to this email address: and make sure you call me on this telephone
number +44-762-413-2116 immediately you forward your information so that even if am
not on seat,i can go and check my email for immediate action.

I wait to hear from you soon.

Thank you,

Lt General Sam Edwards
Tel: +44-762-413-2116

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